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Wild Woman Becca


Hi! I’m Wild Woman Becca,

I help adult adventurers relearn how to play! During my coaching sessions we will define your values, your boundaries, your lifestyle, and create the life that you want - full of kayaking, climbing, mountain biking, [insert your sport here]. Just because you have more responsibilities than you did when you were a kid does NOT mean you can’t play like a kid as an adult.


In my signature 12 week coaching program, Worn to Wild, we use your body as a tool so you can observe, learn, and understand yourself better. From there we can expand into talking about other aspects of life like how to express yourself authentically, how to add more adventure and pleasure into your life, and how to make all of your wildest dreams a reality!

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The Roots

I grew up in a small town on the border of Pennsylvania and Delaware. I studied Sustainability Psychology at Appalachian State University with a focus in Experiential and Inquiry Based Learning. I have fallen in love with the Southeast and have built a strong community here that I love so dearly. I really enjoy moving around with the seasons, often chasing the whitewater! That being said, I have spent significant time in Utah, Colorado, Montana, North Carolina, and of course my hometown near Pennsylvania and Delaware. 


 I come across as this super confident, empowered, badass woman, and while I can say that is true now, it hasn’t always been that way...  As far back as I can remember I have struggled with body image and feeling like I was overweight, unattractive, and gross. I remember distinctly crying to my mom that my friends called me fat and I felt ugly as far back as 1st grade. Until recently, I have held onto these belief statements that led to me feeling unlovable, undesirable, and just terrible about myself.  Was I chubby as a kid, yeah probably. Did I eat the healthiest diet? Definitely not. Did I hate what I saw in the mirror? For sure. 


Now, I can confidently say that none of those things hold truth anymore. Since starting my journey in becoming a health coach, I have personally experienced how well this program works. Not only does it focus on body image, but it teaches you how to listen to your body’s wealth of knowledge so that you can create your own experiments to learn more and more about yourself so you continue on a never ending journey of self-development.  I now see my body as a tool to learn more about who I really am on the inside and I'm so grateful for this vessel that allows me to adventure through life! 

The Journey

I started studying psychology in 2018 and was searching, searching, searching for a career that felt fulfilling and also sustainable for me. I don’t like living a traditional life - as evident by living in my car, following a vegan/gluten free diet, and even little things like not shaving my armpit hair, so I knew a traditional 9-5 job would not be for me.

 I was searching for a career path that offered flexibility, independence, creativity, and most importantly, allowed me to help people become the truest version of themselves. 

My first coach and who kickstarted this journey was Chloe Skerlak. She taught me Fertility Awareness Method and I have fallen head first for it! This method of birth control forces you to explore your body and deeply understand it. A by-product is more self-love.


I started studying with the Health Coach Institute in March of 2022 and I was hooked immediately. Through a year-long interactive and immersive program, I’ve made so many friends and gained so much insight about myself. I cannot wait to share what I’ve learned with you! 

In addition to this initial training, I continue to keep my skills sharp with premier knowledge. In October 2023, I will complete the Posititive Intelligence training for Coaches. With this method, we practice mindfulness skills that train our brains to balance the positive emotions and reactions (sage) with negative emotions and reactions (saboteurs). 

As a Coach & Kayak Instructor

Many coaches and instructors simply work on the hard skills and take a very textbook approach to teaching. With my background in experiential and inquiry based-learning, I cater to all different learning styles and really guide you along the journey of figuring it out experientially rather than just telling your what to do. Experiential Education is not simply learning through experience. It includes setting intentions, doing the activity, and reflecting on it. Every single session I host has experiential aspects to it.  I'm here to facilitate your way - the learning part is embedded within you! 

I also use a very positive-reinforcement based approach. Instead of critiquing things you are doing wrong and giving you a solution, I look for the things you are already doing correctly and emphasize on that. An example of this reframing is that if someone is leaving an eddy, I call out the skills that they are doing intuitively and bring that to their attention and then from there I add on new skills to step it up. In coaching, this means we do a lot of encouraging and celebrating. There are so many things to celebrate in life!! Let’s find any excuse we can to celebrate your wins! 

When we focus on critiques and failure, we get frustrated, angry, and are very likely to give up. When we focus on the “wins”, we become empowered and motivated to keep up the progress!
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That being said, we will also acknowledge and validate the times when things didn't work out and I will totally call you out on any bullshit kinda like a close friend would lovingly tell you. I'm also here to hold you accountable and keep you on track to succeed - compassionately! ​

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Wild Woman Podcast

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I’m your host, Becca Ploener. It’s my mission to wake you up to your wild, brave, and downright uninhibited self. 


Ready to be wild? 

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Slide into my schedule and book a Worn to Wild Interest call today! 

I give you permission to flirt with your wild side and welcome yourself home. 


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